How Telemedicine Is Saving Lives Amid The Ongoing Pandemic?

How Telemedicine Is Saving Lives Amid The Ongoing Pandemic?

How Telemedicine Is Saving Lives Amid The Ongoing Pandemic?

How Telemedicine Is Saving Lives Amid The Ongoing Pandemic?

The COVID 19 outbreak towards the start of 2020 has made the world to discontinue its routine course and think of new innovative ways to do things. The pandemic has already claimed millions of lives and millions more are on the line. However, with Telehealth and Telemedicine services taking the lead, more lives have been saved than lost amid the pandemic. Also, online primary care has taken the burden off the medical facilities by keeping patients with general illnesses at home and seeking treatment with proper social distancing measures.

Let’s find out exactly how telemedicine has been saving lives in these tough times around the world.

Virtual Communications Are Now Possible Between The Physicians And The Patients

As the WHO and the governments from around the world are now stressing on social distancing more than ever, online doctor services are making virtual communications possible. During an online medical visit, physicians can communicate with their patients virtually through a computer system and an internet connection. As a result, they can interact with patients, diagnose different health conditions, and prescribe medicines, all while adhering to the strict social distancing policies. This helps patients to stay at home and reduce exposure to the affected individuals as they receive medical care.

The elderly demographics often need more attention due to their prevailing conditions and need more doctor visits. But telemedicine allows them to continue receiving the medicare online and hence lowering the non-emergent office visits.

It is really important to employ all the available modes of transmission reduction and with online urgent care facilities, it is all possible without having to compromise on care.

It Helps Isolated Patients Get Treatment Easily

Anyone in isolation can pay an online medical visit to communicate with their healthcare team. As a result, healthcare professionals can reduce the number of times they have to pass through the isolation zone wearing their full PPE. Even if you are self-isolated at home, and don’t want to leave your home quarantine, telemedicine comes to your rescue and you get the life-saving treatment you need.

Services like Umedoc in Florida are effectively providing telemedicine services to patients with a wide range of medical conditions. Today, telehealth is effectively used for monitoring obstetrics and providing maternal care without posing much of exposure risk. It has helped big time in lowering down the burden on the Emergency Departments in these unprecedented times.

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