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We take self-pay or insurance

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How much does Umedoc cost?

The cost of Umedoc for self-pay option is $69 per visit

Umedoc offer an affordable price for your telehealth visit in the comfort of your home.

We will provide a full refund if the provider is unable to help you with your current symptoms.

Please make sure there are sufficient funds in your debit/credit card before requesting an appointment.

Does Umedoc take insurance?

Umedoc takes Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance

Health insurance can be incredibly complex and it’s common for patients to be unsure about their coverage. That’s where Umedoc telehealth can help! Our team will verify your insurance and file your claim for you.

Our telehealth practice is in-network with a number of insurance providers, and we will file with any PPO insurance policy.

Please fill in your insurance information and upload pictures of your insurance card (front and back) in your profile/account and we will handle it from there.

Here is how the flow works

1. We submit your insurance claim for you at the time of your telehealth visit.
2. We will follow up with your health insurance company to ensure your claim is processed in a timely manner.
3. This is a complimentary service we extend to all of our valued customers.

*Because there are so many insurance options available and a wide variety of factors can affect your coverage, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurance carrier prior to your visit.A consultation with your carrier about the amount and extent of your coverage will help prevent any confusion, misunderstandings, or frustration about your financial responsibility for certain services.

For system and billing security

Why do I need to put credit card even though with insurance?

Umedoc requires your credit card for two major reasons.

For the system, Umedoc requires your credit card info to verify the identity, preventing robots and cyber attacks to secure patient's data.

For the billing, Umedoc will apply a $35 hold per visit in case the invalid insurance number and multiple appointments with no shows.